Taking Sarah, Part one

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Taking Sarah,

I have always been a voyeur, from the age of 12 when my older cousin moved in with us. and i discovered there was a crack in the bathroom door that afforded me a perfect view if the bathtub as she bathed.
As the years went by, my forms of viewing naked females evolved from adjusting shades in neighbors baths and bedrooms to placing smal view hole in walls. As technology evolved and my means became greater, i graduated to two way mirrors and remote cameras. The goal was always just the thrill of the view, never anything more. That is until I met Anne.

Anne was a perfect match for me, she understood my voyeur habits and thrilled in them as much as I. There was only one thing off-limits. Her daughters, Sarah and Chrissy . She forbid me from ever viewing them, but that would change a bit over time.

I never had any interest in the girls as they were undeveloped and not what i enjoyed viewing, That all changed one day. Anne spoke of having to get Sarah a training bra, i was amazed, i said i never saw a reason for it, she told me that she had started to develope and the process would move along quickly so she should start now. The girls ran around the house all of the time in tee-shirts and i had damn sure not noticed any developement, but who was i to know. About a month later, Acıbadem Escort on a sat morning Anne had to work and as had the day off i was kind of lazing around the house. Chrissy was at a friends house and Sarah was still in bed, as Anne walked by Sarahs bedroom door she opened it and i heard her tell her she needed to get up and shower as her friends mom was picking her up in an hr. I followed Anne down the stairs and kissed her goodbye and then an idea came to me, it was about time i saw how much Sarah was developing. Going back upstairs i got to the bathroom before she came out of her room. For awhile i had had a remote cam concealed in a speaker hanging in the corner of the bathroom. It had afforded me many great views of guests in the past. I hadn’t used it in awhile and wanted to make sure it was still operable. Checking to make sure the lens was clean I flushed the toilet as if i had just used it and met Sarah as i opened the door, I told her i was going to the lumber yard and might be back before she left, but if not have a great day with her friend. She closed the door and i hurried to my bedroom closet to turn on the recorder, getting a quick glimps of her standing at the sink as it started to record. Heading out I hollard through the door that i would see her later, little did she know the Acıbadem Escort Bayan irony of that statement.

After going to the lumber yard to pick up the few things i needed for my weekend project i returned to the house, just as Sarah was coming out with her friend. I kissed her check and said enjoy yourself and went into the house. Watching them leave, I locked the door and went upstairs to my bedroom to view the recording. I rewound the tape to the start and switched the feed to the bedroom TV and layed down on the bed to watch.
There was Sarah standing by the sink brushing her teeth, still fully clothed. I watched as she finished and walked to the shower to start the water. As she turned directly in front of the speaker cam she pulled her top over her head. To say I was amazed would be an understatement, though her breasts were not big by ant meeans what stood out were the puffiest nipples I had ever seen. They protruded at least three quarters of and inch and were dark pink and looked so totally suckable. She removed her pajama bottoms and i got a quick glimpse of her soft blond covered pussy, before she got into the shower. I fast forwarded the tape to where she stepped out and felt my woody growing as i again saw her nipples. She dried off and took more time then i thought neccesary Escort Acıbadem to dry her bottom and pussy area. I was soon to find out why. She wrapped the towel around herself and walked to the door. Opened it and I heard her call out my name, getting no response, she closed the door and moving to the cabinet was looking around for something. She came away with a tube of hair gel which surprised me viewing as I was, but not for long. She moved to the toilet and sat down on the seat. Dropping her towel, she squeeezed more gel onto her fingers and began massaging it into her pussy area. My god i thought, she is going to masturbate! Sure enough with one hand pulling at her nipples she bagan to rub her little clit area. Pulling my now rock hard cock from my pants i began to match her. She began a steady stroke on her pussy as i did the same on my cock. She leaned further back and i could see that she was close by the speed that she was going, she let out a small yell as she began to cumm and that was all I needed to bring myself to orgasm with her, spewing hot cumm all over my belly as i watched the scene before me.
She got up from the toilet and returned the gel to the cabinet and wiped herself with the towel , grabbed her pajamas and left the bathroom.
My god how I wanted to taste that young girl and more, but I knew that was an impossibility, but at least I had the tape and could enjoy her many more times, just like that.
Little did I know that in just a short time, my wish would more then come true.( to be continued)

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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